Attempt at Quilting Phase 2

Now that all the fabric is successfully washed, dried and pressed(uggh hate ironing!) I have begun cutting away with my awesome tools and have really made some headway in piles of square fabric pieces.
Cutting fabric has seriously never been this easy or fun, seriously! All you do is line your fabric up on the cutting mat and use your ruler to cut the width/length to your liking. For this quilt I'm cutting 5" squares, which just so happens to be the width of my ruler. Perfect! This is the main reason I decided to go with a patchwork quilt for my first time rather than a vertical row quilt.

And, after much deliberation paired with a temporary freak out session of thinking I hated the fabrics I had chosen (and bought), I am now certain that these will be the final fabrics used for the quilt!
I'm a little bit intimidated by cutting the striped fabric & keeping it straight...eeeeek!
The piece that really made it all come together is Amy Butler's Laurel Dots in Cilantro. This fabric was given to me for a super birthday present from my great friend Allie Pyles. She got the fabric at  My Little Sunshine Fabrics! Totally made my day! Thanks Allie!!

And after cutting away...
Can you say progress?!  The greatest thing is this really didn't take long at all. I was able to cut about 4 layers of fabric at a time.
I know it looks like a ton of squares, but I'm making extra for other quilted projects like pillows or a crib bumper. And I still don't really know what I'm doing & haven't done the math to find out exactly how many squares of each fabric I'll need, so I kind of just started cutting away! 
I guess I'm for real making a quilt! 


  1. Love the look of the fabric together. This is going to be one stylin' baby!

  2. Al! we need to craft night soon! Ive got some quilt fabric that needs cutting maybe you can help me!?!?! Miss you tons!

  3. The fabrics are extremely cute!!!! Good pickins Allison! Happy sewing!