Work With What Yuv' Got

Ok, before you begin, I highly suggest you listen to A Minor Swoon on Spotify while reading. Thanks Caroline!
Click on the picture above to listen if you don't have Spotify, but seriously, get Spotify.

As many of you know, we've been working to renovate our master bathroom for almost two years. Yes you read that right, two years! I'm not ashamed of it or embarrassed to admit the reality of the situation (well, not at this moment anyway). This is life, and I'm a real person, this blog was never meant to make something of myself, my home, or my family that it's not. 
I hope there's someone out there that reads that and feels a sense of relief from it. Maybe you've been stuck in the middle of a project for what seems like a lifetime. Maybe you're constantly putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to accomplish something.
I enjoy making something new out of a space or an object in our home when there are no added "musts" and "have to(s)".
There are times when you get stuck. Our bathroom is one of those times. But, my good friend Amy once told me something like this "just put a curtain up and close it off, then work on the rest of the space that you can actually have some control over, make that what you want it to be."
In other words, work with what yuv' got!

So...it only seemed logical to give our other bathroom a facelift! That was something I could accomplish. Paint, check. New shower curtain, check. Repaint accessories, check. Spend birthday money on great things to make it even better, check!!

I painted the room in one evening. Although it's hard to tell with the bad lighting, the new color, Cypress Grass from Glidden, adds a lot more color and brightness to the small room. I've been wanting to use this color ever since I saw it in this laundry room from House of Smiths.

Today I wanted to show you want I did with these metal frames purchased from Pier1 in my college days...
Notice the paint swatches :)

I decided almost all the accents in the bathroom would be white, so I got my primer and white flat spray paint, coated each.

Then, I used my Distress Ink to highlight the details on each frame and to add a little shabbiness. 
When you use Distress Ink for a project like this just rub the pad directly onto the surface you're working with. Distress Ink is found in the scrap booking section of most craft stores. We've only got Michael's close by and that's where I got mine.

I removed the glass (After searching high and low for chalkboard spray paint to use directly on the glass) and cut craft wood to fit in its place. The wood was painted with black chalkboard paint, and I'm seriously considering painting over these with brown chalkboard paint, but we'll see. I originally thought I wanted to keep the leaf idea, so I had my dear friend Kristin chalk-sketch some leaves before I so selfishly erased them...sorry Kristin!

Because I decided I wanted words instead of images. These lyrics from Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors' Live Forever came to mind. I'm not sure how I feel about it though....I literally wrote something about sanity on the walls of a very small bathroom........It could be neat to constantly change.

Come to think of it, these lyrics are perfect right now! Sometimes Steven and I just have to laugh at the state of our master bathroom to keep our sanity!

I'll be updating you with advancements in our lil' bathroom...soon to be my favorite room in the house, and only room that is officially re-DONE.

Also, check out my friend Jamie's new blog Spare Time & Seersucker...her ideas are lots of fun and super cute! You can get a sneak peak of her cute spaces here.


  1. Love it! The chalkboard frames look great!

  2. Our Master bath is at 1.5 yrs and still not done :)

  3. The frames look great! Let me know if you ever find any of the spray on chalkboard :)