Outdoor Color Scheming

Last week Steven and I picked out the color that we'll be painting the porch. After getting a brand new beautiful solid wood door, we finally decided on Night View by Valspar. (Which looks a lot more gray and a lot less navy online than in real life)

It was around that same time that I ran across this lovely pattern on an outdoor pillow at Bed, Bath & Beyond. With a 20% off coupon I left the store with it for about $8.00. 

With this pattern I established the color scheme for our front porch.

Our old front door was black; so was our mailbox and porch lights. The mailbox got a new coat of paint called Cobalt Cannon. 

I adore Valspar spray paint, it never lets me down!

I took Finn with me to check out a local store called Sparrow's Nest to see what little additions I could find. I got this itty bitty wreath for our new door.

I cut a strip of gray fabric, strung it through the wreath, and nailed it to the top of the door.

These plant hangers came with the house and even though I do love the worn look of them and sage-green color, I thought it was time to add them to the scheme.

Primed and ready to go!

Here's the improved plant hanger in Cobalt Cannon next to its unfinished counterpart.

This year I opted out of planting Sweet Potato Vine, even though I do love it. I grabbed Creeping Jenny instead. I have no idea how it'll do, but I'm hopeful, and I love its bright green color!

I really hope it grows because from the sidewalk you can't even see that there's anything planted in the baskets.

Here's our porch in July last year vs. our porch yesterday:

The porch floor would've been painted by now if the weather had held out for us; so we still have painting to do and new porch lights to purchase and install. The little side table by the chair I purchased for super cheap at TJ Maxx and plan on painting it as well.

I also got two Coleus plants, one for us, and one for our new neighbors who'll be moving in next door soon...yay!

Finn's excited (and it looks as if he's a tad bit uneasy too) about having a girl move in next door who's exactly two months older!

Happy Earth Day!



  1. I love it!! I love ya'lls new door too...it's gorgeous! :)

    1. Thank you Katie, yes that door is the nicest thing in our house!

  2. Oh, I just love your porch, especially that cool vintage lawn chair. It all looks so great together! I'm so nervous about using spray paint--I've never used it before. Good to know about Valspar never letting you down.

    Thanks for linking up last week on Making Space Mondays! I hope to see you again this week.-Tabitha

    1. Thank you so much! Yes yes yes go with Valspar especially if you're using spray paint for the first time. Other brands that you can buy at Michael's and Hobby Lobby tend to spray unevenly and drip for me, blah! Valspar is so smooth in comparison. And I might be mistaken, but I want to say that they're about the same price wise. Try it, you'll LOVE it! Newly colored items in no time!

  3. Allison,

    Good job on your porch makeover. I'm working on sprucing up my porch this week as well, reminds me that I need to finish it.

    I'm visiting from A Bowl Full of Lemons linky party. I hope that you can stop by my blog as well. :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Hi Allison. I’m awarding your blog with The Liebster Blog Award! Congratulations!