Flower Garden Twig Fence

Today I finished my little garden fence! 
I originally saw this idea in Parents magazine and then had the idea to plant flower seeds and create this fence in a bed behind our house. I talk about my plans for this here.
I started off gathering sticks on one of my morning walks with Finn from a random pile of branches at the side of the road.
I tried to get around the same height and thickness.
Then I picked my paint colors and spread the painting project over numerous days and movies. I usually love multitasking while watching a movie.
I purchased some nylon twine from Lowe's in the diameter I thought would work best. Anything thicker and I think it would've made the twigs move too much.
The directions in the magazine said to use a rubber mallet to get the sticks in the ground, but I just pushed them down into the soil very gently. I broke two sticks overall, not bad!
I thread the twine through the twigs in a in front & behind tactic and switched each piece of twine so they'd be opposite.
This was a fun little project that wouldn't take long at all to accomplish, especially if you painted the twigs only one or two colors rather than a pattern with four.

Now, I hope I have some luck with the flowers growing and blooming! 
Here's some Zinnia sprouts, so we're getting somewhere!


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  1. Allison this is super cute! I haven't been over to your blog in a while but I can see you have been busy! I am very impressed that you got rid of your tv. I'm hoping we will be ditching cable very soon!