A Lesson in Late-Night Perfection

After seeing this creative DIY project on Remodelaholic I decided to give it a try.
One inch cut paper squares, a canvas, some Mod Podge. Easy right? 
View Remodelaholic's link for detailed instruction.

Still looking pretty good...

And here's the finished project!
Can you see the mistake?
Project win FAIL! After slaving away on meticulously gluing down each square I soon realized that there was a horrid mistake! By this time it was 1:20am, I was tired, but I had vowed to finish that night. Steven counted and solemnly made me aware that the squares were uneven on the sides. There might have been a few tears...I felt like I used to when I was a kid and I'd stay up late drawing. I'd get so tired and frustrated when I couldn't get the foxes' ears level and my Mom would advise that I go to bed.

I think this finished project looks so neat, and I was super excited, BUT if you take this on, make sure you COUNT! And, make sure you take time to remind yourself that you are not aiming for perfection. I refuse to not use this somewhere in the house-we'll just have to tweak it to cover up the mishap!


  1. I'm in love with this, even more after finding out it's off balance. It's like a hidden secret.

  2. Al, have you tweeked? Show us! You could use something cut out of the silhouette on the "blemish" spot.