Biarritz.-Effel de Vagues.-LL.

Since our wedding in April I have spent a large majority of my time thinking up great ideas for our new home together. Acting in these ideas? Now that has been another story. There just never seems to be enough time.
I've found the more I document these ideas, the more motivated I am to make those ideas become realities.
With all that said, here are my ideas for our (hopefully soon to be) guest room:
The fabric in the background is the pillow sham from the bedding I bought months ago from Target. The paint swatch is Martha Stewart Living's Calabash(MSL099), and the post card is a little French treasure that I found at the most wonderful store Adkins Architectural Antiques & Treasures in Houston:
Adkins Architectural Antiques &Treasures

This store is one of my favorites. It is 4 stories of  everything you could think of, from thousands of old door knobs to beautiful stained glass and more old wooden doors and pieces of iron fencing than you could imagine.
If you're ever in Houston, you have to stop in. And then eat at Niko Niko's !
Anyways, back to this French post card..
A while back I saw an idea to take an old postcard in and get it blown up on both sides frame each one, and hang them on a wall for some truly unique artwork.
It didn't take long at Adkins to find the perfect postcard.
Postcard reads: "240 BIARRITZ.-Effel de Vagues.-LL."
Anyone know French?
I love the sense of mystery and nostalgia that an old handwritten postcard gives. 
I can't wait to see this guy blown up and framed, donning our guest room walls! I'll post an update, don't worry!

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