Good n' Homemade Christmas Pennant Banner

Pennant Banners are adorable are they not?

I once upon a time I made 200 ft. of pennant banners for our wedding in April using this great tutorial from OnceWed. So I guess it's safe to say that I'm a fan!

Don't Judge, this is what happens when your Bridal portraits are taken by your best friend! Anyways, there's the banner in the background!

I take LOTS of pride in that thing! It took hours of sewing machine slavery to complete!
Well, no reason not to spread that pennant cheer to this Christmas season!
I got this precious idea from my great friend Jamie Montgomery, and one viewing of the movie Troy later, here's the result:
Sorry these pictures are so dark! You couldn't see the shiny triangles with a flash & I'm never home during sunlight anymore!

It's a quick, easy, and adorable project that won't take more than one evening.

Just head out and grab some cute patterned scrapbook paper, or use fabric if you're feeling really productive! 
Cut the paper into triangles in your size choice. Use pinking shears to add a little something extra!

Use acrylic paint and free hand the lettering for a more crafty look. You can use stencils, trace lettering from computer font, or if you're lucky, vinyl lettering,  for a more put together classy feel.

Add lace or ribbon trim on top with Tacky Glue adhesive spray.
Use yarn or hemp and a hole punch to string up your festive message!

Also, check out Allie Pyles' adorable Christmas banner!
The ideas are endless with this one... Happy bannering everyone! 

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  1. Al, your banner looks so good! AND, I had so much fun cutting out all that fabric used in your wedding. Maybe one day when there are babies we will do it again!