Thrift Store Finds

After stopping at thrift stores up and down Highway 11E here's what I managed to find!
Lots of projects here we come!

Two shelves for about $7 with lots of detailed edging that will hopefully have twice as much character once there's some paint and distressing going on...

A really pretty bowl that I think will be stunning in a bright white for $3.94!

This rustic wooden shelf for $3.99

A cute little mirror for a buck! Just needs some love.

And the best item purchased?! 

Found this retro metal porch chair for $15!

And it'll look brand new after I give it a good new coat of paint like this one from 

Thrifting was so fun, mainly because you spend so much less than you would buying something new and it gives you the opportunity to add your own creativity and personality in so many ways!

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