Craigstlist Hutch Before|After

Remember the $70 Craigslist hutch?
Well, I'd like to introduce you to our new and improved addition to the dining room!!
We started with Old Fashioned Milk Paint. Loved the outcome, didn't so much love the process of mixing my own paint.
First, we used Snow White as a sort of primer, which was painted directly on top of the old paint...I skipped the stripping and sanding part!
Then it was onto the black paint, which turned out very flat and chalky...perfect for what I had in mind! The last thing I wanted for this project was a hutch that was sleek and shiny.
Then I sanded the edges and exposed the white paint underneath. In some places the old red paint showed through as well as the natural wood.
Now all the hutch needs is some hardware! If only I could get this perfect set from Anthropologie out of my head! Too pricy!! But so right!
And just one more time side by side....the before & after!

I'm linking this up with WhisperWood Cottage's 2011 First Project of the Year Party!


  1. looks so great! what a super find. :)

  2. Another great project! The new looks is much better! Thanks for linking up again at WWC!

  3. Wow! I really love the matte paint!

  4. The hutch looks great! Love your blog :)

  5. Love it Allison!! So inspiring!! - Bug