Old Fashioned Milk Paint

I want to take a moment to share with you all a fascinating discovery I made yesterday.
It's Old Fashioned Milk Paint that's environmentally safe and non-toxic! It comes in 20 colors and in powder form. So when you get it you mix it with warm water and presto! Safe paint!
I was so excited to find this stuff...My amazingly helpful husband and I started painting the hutch insde our dining room, because who needs a well ventilated area when you're working with all natural products?! It actually smelled like a barn and I felt like Huck Finn whitewashing a fence or something. No more waiting for the cold weather to leave!
The only danger associated with this stuff is that for some reason our dogs love it and were actually caught licking it off the hutch(well, Banjo anyways).

For any locals who want to try it out you can find it at Woodcraft on Boone's Creek.
Check out Old Fashion Milk Paint Co.'s website here.


  1. Thanks for passing this on..I had actually heard about this before but had forgot about it.

  2. What color are you using, AL? I love the tavern green color!

  3. Just some good old Black! We painted the hutch white first and then did a top coat of black...it's really nice because it's not a shiny black, it's very flat and comes out looking chalky, which is what I was going for!

  4. Hi Allison, I have used Milk Paint in the past and loved the finish it created. You will have to show us your hutch when finished.

  5. Thanks for sharing. You've got some great ideas and projects!