Etsy Loves Clocks

Etsy's collection of handmade and vintage clocks is immeasurably stocked full of creatively arresting time pieces. I had such a great time looking through countless shops! More than I've been motivated to spend my Christmas money on my very own decorative clock, I've been persuaded that I could somehow figure out the intricacies involved in attaching a clock face to endless possibilities...just imagine what could be given the functionality of telling time! 

1. Kirie03 from decoylab
2. Antique German Alarm Clock from MaisonBoheme
3. Wall Hanging Cuckoo Clock from decoylab
4. It's My Forest Clock from decoylab

1. Circular Wheel Clock from jessedirk
2. Mini Wall Hanging Clock Tea Pot from decoylab
3. Large Doily Clock from andfurthermore
4. White Square Doily Clock from uncommon

1. Tiny Scallop Clock in Vintage Blue from uncommon
2. Old Bicycle Bike Clock from covettc
3. Big White Farmhouse Clock from toddmanring
4. Modern Saffron Clock-The Victorienne from uncommon

1. Carolina Blue Clock Made from Rusted Barrel Top from toddmanring
2. Elliptical Tupper TIME from IMOTIME (made from a tupperware top!)
3. Cuckoo Silhouette Clock from Urbanposture
4. Mini Goals Clockboard from MaryKateMcDevitt

Which clock is your favorite?


  1. Either the large doily clock or the bicycle - but I'm leaning towards the bicycle. Happy New Year! :-)

  2. i like the bike! and i like you! lets get together asap!

  3. I would like the dolly clock! Adorable. I feel like we could make these..... And sell these....