Etsy Loves Sugar Bowls & Creamers

Since the holidays it has been a whirlwind, with absolutely no extra time to put all these great ideas I have to use. All my free time has been spent on the couch reading The Chronicle of Narnia or watching The Notebook, Saving Private Ryan, and Titanic (yes, maybe back to back). In any event, I have been anxiously waiting... waiting either to have more energy, more time, warmer weather etc. before I embark on the next best thing. So! Until then I have been exploring Etsy, gaining even more ideas and getting even more antsy to be creative again. It is such an encouragement to see other people's creativity put to use!

And so I leave you with these, a collection of either handmade or thrifted creamers and sugar bowls. There's something about owning (and actually using) these lovelies that makes one feel so sophisticated and refined.
1. Shafford Blue Ducks Porcelain Sugar Bowl from fifthseason
2. Milk Loves Sugar Set from atelierOKER
3. Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set from shoshonasnow
4. Red Sugar Bowl from sheilasart

1. Handpainted Tasting Bowl-Pincushion Flower from pastanaut
2. Bird Sugar and Creamer Set from whitneysmith
3. Nature Inspired Sugar Creamer Set from ClaraEmma
4. Celadon Sugar and Creamer from cherylwolff

1. Kissing Creamer & Sugar from reshapestudio
2. Pretty in Pink Poppy Sugar & Creamer Set from alinahayes
3. Green Porcelain Sugar & Creamer Set from misslo
4. Antique Creamer & Sugar Bowl from MyHauntedAttic

My favorite would have to be the Bird Sugar & Creamer Set by Whitney Smith Pottery! She is incredibly talented. I love everything posted in her Etsy shop, like this adorable cupcake stand:

Spend some time at whitneysmith's Etsy shop here. But I can't guarantee that you won't be tempted to spend some money on yourself!

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