Free Downloadable Print

After my great friend Allie had given me multiple compliments on this print, and after seeing Kim at Yellow Songbird post prints she'd created for a free download and then after I got over my negative feelings of thinking no one would benefit from me posting my print download I finally did it! 
I hope the resolution works for you all...it wasn't made on any fancy program, but it worked well enough for me!
Right click, save & print!
This text was taken from Song of Solomon 5:1, which is right smack dab in the center of the book, kind of like a turning point. Steven and I read it on our honeymoon and we said "that is going in the dining room!"
I hope you all like the print and can use it for something!


  1. Thanks Al! I am printing it today!! :-)

  2. About time you got over that negativity! You could totally give those as wedding gifts.

  3. BALLER. i'm printing this for our kitchen!!