Sew Inspired!

I've been dreaming up project after project that I could tackle if I only had more time to get acquainted with my barely used sewing machine!

Exhibit A:

BananaSaurus Rex
    Exhibit B:
BananaSaurus Rex
More reasons to start using my sewing machine...
And I truly don't think this is humanly possible for me to make, but I can dream!:

And even more lovelies! 

Ashley Carter Designs
Ashley Carter Designs

Maybe soon I'll make what will literally be my third sewing project (made a pennant banner  & "puff" balls last year) since Home-Ec in Jr. High!


  1. You can do it, Al! You just need a long weekend to get to know your sewing machine.

  2. you can totally do it! I LOOOVE that scout & catalogue pouch!

    *practice a project on inexpensive muslin first so that when you figure out all the in's and out's of it you won't be messing up your designer fabric...just a little tip i've learned to practice!

  3. I started sewing last Christmas and had no real idea what I was doing. It took me about 3 hours just to set up the thread in the machine!!!! After a bit of practice I got the hang of it... sort of. ;)

    The trick is to just jump right in and not care how they turn out for the first few tries... :)

    Good luck!!