Etsy Loves Foxes & I Really do too!

Lately I have loved foxes. They're so classy, smart & mysterious. I read an article a few days ago that came to this possible conclusion:

"Early humans may have preferred the fox to the dog as an animal companion, new archaeological findings suggest."

I remember reading Fantastic Mr. Fox by my favorite childhood author Roald Dahl (although I must admit that James & the Giant Peach was my favorite, followed by Boy, plus I never read BFG and I know it's gonna be good).

Steven and I own the recent movie directed by Wes Anderson...Mr. Fox's way of thinking reminds me of my husband, Steven.
Watch the trailer here
We're dorks about movies we can't wait to buy. If either of us says nonchalantly "I would own that one day" what we really mean is "I LOVE THIS MOVIE!"

I will never forget the interaction the Grizzly Man had with Timmy the fox! You've got to watch it! I want one!

I have only seen mere glimpses of foxes in real life, except for the morning I saw a beautiful red-coated fox on the side of the road :( .

Anyways, I love foxes and etsy does too!

1. Natural Cotton Tote Bag by darkcycleclothing
2. Fox Fine Art Print by eastwitching
3. Mr. Fox Plush Pattern by wilsons
4. Foxes in a Balloon Print by papersparrow

1. Fox Pillow Cover by FreeBirdShoppe
2. Fantastic Mr. Fox by erosinc
3. Fox Ornament by HandyMaiden
4. Forest Friends Finger Puppet Set by stayawake

How amazing is this sock fox from blabla Kids?!

Did I mention I love all things fox? And all things etsy too of course!
Have you ever seen a fox?

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  1. I found your blog through Debbie who shared your good news on FB. Congrats! I love to blog hop so I'm going to add yours to my list I follow - hope you don't mind. I have to say that my family is big, HUGE Roald Dahl fans!! You will LOVE the BFG. I read it to my kids when they were about 6 & 8 in two days on a weekend. They loved it so much they didn't want me to stop reading. My 6th grade teacher had read it to us when I was a kid. They have listened to the audio version of it too and my son (who is 9 yrs now) just said the other day I need to read it to them again. Sweet! :) Congrats again on the baby!! I know Debbie and Jeff will be great (super spoiling!) grandparents.