Happy Valentine's Weekend!

I came  home from work yesterday to find a sweet little white package waiting for me from my besty Caroline! This is what was inside...

And then some Sour Patch Kids! Yayyyy! Perfect for our drive to Birmingham today!

This VDay has been a weeklong event...On Tuesday a group of us girls got together with materials spread all over Jamie's floor and made some cards for our Valentines! Everyone also made pink and red treats, so cute! And of course we watched Glee!

Not sure what I'm so excited about here...

Some of our finished products:

And Steven and I started celebrating last weekend when he surprised me with a trip to Charleston!
The Battery Carriage House Inn

We stayed in a beautiful Bed & Breakfast across from the Battery Park...we were both really surprised when we got breakfast delivered to our room. The next day Steven realized "That's why we got breakfast because we're staying at a Bed & Breakfast. DUH! But it was our first time so it's okay :)
We walked around and looked at all the old buildings, ate at High Cotton (yum!) then we spent a little bit on the beach(saw so many starfish) and then headed to Cypress Gardens, a beautiful swamp that lets you take flat bottom boats out on your own. Scenes from The Patriot and The Notebook were shot here and you can definitely understand why-totally worth the trip! Thanks for the tip Jamie!

Now it's off to Birmingham for Samford University's StepSing and wedding dress shopping with sister in law Meredith! Please be warm weather!!!

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