Attempt at Quilting Phase 3

I'm taking this quilting thing verrrrrry slow. I think I'm still apprehensive about royaly messing the whole thing up!
This past weekend I finished cutting all the fabric. One thing I've learned in this process...
You really don't need that much fabric!
Especially if you're using 8 different fabrics and you're making a small quilt. I definitely bought more than I needed! 
Anyways, after cutting I very hesitantly moved onto the next step: placing the squares in their pattern.
This part was so much fun! I laid the fabric down on the floor, alternating colors and patterns, but keeping in mind that it didn't need to be perfect.

I just continued lying fabric squares down in a pattern until I achieved my desired quilt size, keeping in mind that the squares will be smaller once sewn.
After I convinced myself that if I kept on going this quilt would end up being a lot more work, I moved onto the next step...

Part of me thought I should start pinning the fabric together...then I got some sense and realized that no pinning is necessary.
So, I numbered each row like this:

Then, being careful to keep the squares in order, I piled each row up, moving left to right.
In the end I ended up with 10 piles of neatly stacked fabric.
Now when I gain enough courage and time, all I have to do is grab a pile and begin sewing the squares together, top to bottom, left to right! I'm feeling more confident already! Except that now we know we're having a boy and I think if I hadn't been so convinced we were having a girl I would've picked manlier colors!


  1. My mom just bought me a quilting book so I may be hitting you up for pointers!

  2. If the pencil test had been right, you wouldn't need manlier colors.

    And, I think the (is it AMy Butler maybe?) green/blue circles looks great with the rest and ties the whole thing together. Good job, Al!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Your doing so good! I feel like those colors are plently manly enough. By the time he needs more manly you can make him a camo quilt or something ;). But I felt the same way about Paisleys that I would have chosen more feminine colors had I known she was going to be a girl. You could make some of those fun pillows with your extra fabric! and even a stuffed animal like that fun fox. The sky is the limit!!! Baby Boy Blackburn you just wait!!!!

  5. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! But beware. When you finish you are going to want to make more. Lots more.

  6. Good for you, starting a project like this. You will enjoy it when it is done. I have done many quilts and each one is different. Your layout is just how I do it. It does get to be a little addictive, (you will be thinking, on my next one, I will...) I have a few pictures of ones I have done on my blog at http://wildberryranch.blogspot.com if you want to go back a few months. Keep up the good work at making your home.