Jamie's WANTED Laundry Sign

If the weather for you has been anything like it is here, I hope you've been able to take advantage of the greening grass and sunshine!
Thawing out from winter has given me more motivation to begin new projects!
 Jamie Montgomery let me share this easy DIY project for adding a flair of character to your laundry room.


If you're lucky enough you could use an old sign like Jamie did and simply remove the old hooks, give it a new coat, stencil, cut out, or hand-draw WANTED and distress! Then attach clothespins and you're done! If you don't have anything on hand, just run to your closest hardware store, pick out a thin piece of lumber(they'll cut it for you!) and some wire and you've still got a pretty stress-free DIY project!
It's the perfect little addition to make a laundry room more exciting to visit...plus it comes in handy for collecting all those pesky runaway socks!

Jamie has given me so many ideas for making my laundry room a space I'd actually want to spend time in. She chose bright colored paint for the walls because let's be honest, laundry rooms with no windows need some color! An old rustic window and three glass jars filled with florals in contrasting colors add more pop, but keep the space serene.
Notice the fabric behind the washer and dryer? It's a perfectly cheap way to cover up all that utility mess and laundry product storage!
What a great way to start spring!

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