Attempt at Quilting Phase 4

After fighting wearily with my own sewing machine for hours one Friday night and then again for hours the following Saturday, I finally gave up and waited a week before borrowing my friend's machine and finally getting on with some quilt sewing!
I think by the time I began sewing I was already drained of most of my patience, so the end result might have a lot to do with that...

I began by sewing each row:
And as you can see, I wasn't too successful with getting my fabric squares sewed straight. This also might've been due in part because I used various textures. When sewing a cotton fabric with a corduroy or chenille, I rarely ever had a straight seam; the thicker fabric would pull the thin cotton to the side...needless to say it was very imperfect.

I had a few of these moments, where I sewed the seams on opposite sides of the fabric. Woops! Bad feeling!

When this happened I'd have to toss that section out, and instead of putting together a whole new row, I just decided to get rid of a few, so my quilt turned out much smaller than I had anticipated.

Not many patches lined up, lots of fabric was tossed out, but overall, I am pleased with how the top of my very first quilt turned out! I almost think the imperfection adds a more natural and rustic feel, and I am always fine with that!

And once this chair is painted white, it'll be ready to match up with the quilt! The picture below was taken in our dining room, which is the same paint color that I plan on using in the nursery.
And, of course, I had to bring out Mr. Fox and two little birdies (part of a mobile in progress that I'll share with you soon) to see how they all looked together.
It's a start, right?

Next, I get to learn the art of piping! Oh and assemble the rest of the quilt, phew!

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