A Long Break & Another Free Print

 It has been so long I've even forgotten what font I use for my posts! The past (almost) two months have been crammed with life's realities and I have neglected my joy in sharing with the blog world!
Earlier this week I created two new prints (Nothin' fancy ya'll, just Publisher) for the nursery.

Just right click, save & print!

The text for these prints came from this book that I've already ordered for Blackburniño (our son in utero) by Sally-Lloyd Jones. I love how she illustrates the Gospel in a simple and beautiful way that is total truth yet easy to understand.
I used two gray/black wooden frames that I already had and slipped these guys on top of an old butterfly print duo. I plan on hanging them next to each other above the crib. Pictures to come!
Update on the quilt attempt coming soon! Oh and did I mention we're doing a bathroom remodel? Finally bought tile for it this past weekend...the end is in sight!
Another previous free print can be found here. Enjoy!


  1. Great prints...thanks for sharing!

  2. Came across your blog today and adore these prints! (ordered the same Bible for our baby boy - love it) Thanks so much for sharing!