DIY Bird Mobile

I could also create a mixture of the two like this beautiful mobile:After looking through countless beautiful nurseries, I found the most simple and sweet crib mobile. The best part about this mobile is that it is fairly easy and you can add your own tweaks to it to make it your very own.
Use the Mister Bluebird pattern found here.
I used the same fabrics that I used in the quilt for the nursery and got started!
Here's what your fabric pieces will look like once you trace them and cut them out.
From left to right: back piece, 2 tummy pieces and another back piece folded in half.
I opted to leave the seam on the outside rather than sewing it and turning it inside out. Both ways look great, it's really just a matter of opinion, although keeping the seam on the outside is a tad bit easier.
Here's what the bird looks like after you've sewn everything together but the tail and before you begin stuffing.
To stuff the birds, I just used cotton balls. I stretched the cotton out and stuffed them really full to make sure they would keep their form.

Now I just have to decide whether I want to complete the mobile with twigs  and have the birds perched on top like this one:
From Spool Sewing

Or suspend the birds from a wreath like so:
From Naptime Novels

What do you think?


  1. twigs,... more manly. Plus, it uses cool physics principles... which l have to get back to studying.

  2. I love this! you are so crafty and sweet! I like the twigs idea better! You could find some great wood in your own backyard!

  3. I like the twigs but I like the idea of a bird or two together on a twig coming from what looks like a cross-stitch loom in the third picture. Love your fabric choices for the nursery.