Wonderful & Woodsy

I just stumbled across my new favorite Etsy shop, Chasing the Crayon. After just about 7 minutes of browsing, I purchased two prints, and cannot wait for them to get here! They are exactly what I envision when dreaming up a nursery space for Finn (yep, he's already got his name!).
"Whats this, a load of forest creatures off on a grand day out?"

"I wonder what this lot are hiding from?"
These prints are so thoughtfully unique and imaginative, I would love to meet their creator!
I love how the artist describes what inspires her work... 
 "I am inspired by words, stories, poems and very tall tall tales. Other inspiration is gleaned from choice finds in second hand bookshops or on colourful flea market stalls. My work is an assortment of eccentric individuals in a variety of guises; playful, humorous and a touch surreal."

Is anyone else in love yet? Check out the rest of her magnificent work here! ...I'm now motivated to read a story where animals talk and great things happen!

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