I Think I'm a Fan

With our family growing and funds getting tight I've recently delved into learning about the joy of coupons. Today was the second time in my history of shopping that I've used coupons. I've gotten pretty excited about my most recent transaction so I had to share...
I bought 24 items including Claritin, mascara and eyeliner, detergent, two Old Spice body washes and two Old Spice deodorants, shampoo and conditioner, trash bags, and body wash. These items amounted to $116.42 without coupons and $76.80 with coupons. I saved $39.62! Not quite 50%, and nothing nearly as amazing as what they come up with on Extreme Couponing, but I thought I did pretty good considering I'm new at this!
I used Walgreen's coupons, manufacturer's coupons(found in the Sunday paper once a month) and Walgreen's Registered Rewards.
Without any coupons I probably could've only purchased the deodorants, body washes, medicines and makeup before I totaled around $70.
Next, I'm going to try to use multiple manufacturer's coupons for a single item and see what happens! If I can learn how to do this, anyone can.
Anyone have any couponing/money saving advice for this almost momma?

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  1. I am in love with it too! :) Looks like you are doing well