Auggie Crib Bedding

Lately my mind has been full of everything baby...I have an extreme case of nesting syndrome, but, our home situation is causing me to wait, and wait, wait....and wait some more before I can full on attack the nursery for our son due mid August.

So the situation goes like this:
My husband is slaving away on our master bathroom remodel. We have a tub, tile is laid, grout is coming, and lots and lots of sheetrock has been hung and even more is waiting to go up. We are currently using what will be the nursery as our bedroom and once the bathroom is close to being done we'll move back into the master (which is being used as a gigantic tool storage area). Once we're out of the (future) nursery I am going to town with paint and design, etc. etc!

Without the ability to commence this nesting process, I've found myself habitually looking at the same products and swooning over them again and again....this crib bedding is the worst of it, because well, to someone on a budget, it seems a tad out of reach (but not completely, right?)!

I first heard of Auggie bedding on Design*Sponge one day and immediately fell in love with the bright and bold colors against clean white.
I had been looking for something that would be gender neutral and wouldn't make you feel like you got sucked into a Sesame Street episode or suddenly had an infestation of some sort of animal because it was printed all over everything...sorry! (That's my soapbox and now I'm through)
I also wanted simple and as much as I want my son to enjoy his space, me and his father need to love being in it too!

I love the cross stitch pattern in fern, which is this lovely yellowy green color that will look so great with gray.

Auggie is a Canadian brand, everything is made with 100% cotton, crib bedding to queen size, just debuted in April of this year...see what else they offer here.
Now, back to more swooning...and waiting....:)


  1. Hi Allison!
    Goodness, I love your blog. What a charming style you have. I think your nursery will be beautiful - you make me wish I was far more creative when it comes to decorating. Anyway, the letters in the birdcage were a gift from my sister-in-law. I think she got them at a local boutique. Sorry that's not much help! I'm excited to see your finished nursery. :)

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