The Beast Update: Unremoved, but Tamed

Back in February, Steven and I decided to remove a huge bush from our front yard that I named the beast. We never got around to pulling the bush out completely, so it was left through spring after being chopped in half. After growing back just a tad, I am happy with the beast sticking around for a while.
Let's take a look at the transformation:

The beast went from this...
To this...
And the beast today after a refreshing spring...

And although I have completely neglected the yard for indoor ventures, I am so excited about all the great plants popping up everywhere from last year and years before. There was definitely at one time someone who lived in this house who knew what they were doing in the yard.
I love these beautiful white blooms that are sprouting in the backyard (is this a yucca?).

There's also a super cute rosebush that seems to bloom more than just once a year

This hasta has never failed to grow back 

And these ground crawlers I planted in a strawberry pot about two years ago and they keep growing back each season. I love how tiny they are!

And check out these great blooms that sprung up along the front and side of our home!

I plan on using a can of spray paint on an old metal chair I found thrifting ages ago and some new house numbers along with more green thumb attempts to give our front porch more appeal. Hopefully making some headway this weekend, especially if the weather holds up!

I am slowly but surely preparing for baby Finn's arrival and helping Steven with the bathroom remodel along the way...more on that to come!


  1. yay! so glad the "beast" came back in a not so beastly manner... so cute!

  2. Wow, you have seriously great plants!!