Paint the Nursery, Check!

On Tuesday I went wild and totally killed the nursery walls...all done! If you've kept up with our journey towards prepping for parenthood then you'll remember that we're currently using what will be the nursery as our bedroom while we renovate the master area. The walls were green when I moved in, painted by the husband's old roommate and great friend Jackson (soon to be uncle Jackson!).

I got down to business, painting the edges and corners first with an angled brush, then rolling the walls. I finished in about 3.5 hours. All by myself and all while 7 months pregnant! Told you I killed it! YEA! (I might feel like I got hit by a bus today, but I got the job done!) I used Valspar's Artichoke 6003-2A. I used the same color for our dining room and I absolutely love it! I also love that this paint hardly leaves a smell behind at all.

Looks like a black and white photo, but it's color, I promise!
When the bathroom is to the point where we can move into the master bedroom, then we'll assemble the crib and it'll be placed right where our bed is now.
Would I be jumping the gun too much if I went ahead and put nursery decor on the walls? 
Yea, maybe.
And check out all the diapers we received from my amazing co-workers! How long do you think these guys will last? Three weeks?

Two more months, really?!?!
17 weeks, 31 weeks.


  1. Oh my goodness the room and your belly are looking super cute!! I hope things are going well!!