Cheap Changes to Picture Frames

I received these two fantastic prints from the Etsy shop Chasing the Crayon and finally got my hands on some cheap frames for them. Michael's had these guys on sale for $4.99, I could not pass them up! The frames came in a variety of colors, but none of them fit the shabby/rustic look I was going for. 
I decided on two plain black frames.
They were too contemporary and clean for my taste, but I thought I could change that with a little bit of ivory paint and a paintbrush. I just barely dipped the brush into some paint and dabbed it on a rag until it was super dry. Then I very lightly painted the frame.
And here they both are with these super cute prints, looking more rustic.

And for another next to nothing change for a picture frame, try using spray paint and Distress Ink like I did with this one.
It used to be a teal and gold color(sorry I didn't take pictures during). Distress Ink can be found at Michael's or any other craft store on the scrapbooking aisle. The color I used here is called Walnut Stain. I love using it! Sometimes it's nice to sand whatever you're distressing first, but with this frame, I just rubbed the ink pad against the frame and it picked up the ink in natural looking places. 

Sometimes you just need some color...I had two cherry stained picture frames that I had tried to paint white, but the paint wouldn't stick to the frames' finish, so I gave up, thinking I wouldn't be able to use them. But, spray paint did not let me down this time!
The frame on the right is what both looked like, you can see where I stopped trying to get the white paint to stick.
First, I primed the frame to make sure the Avocado color would stay. Did you know Valspar has tons of their paint colors available in spray paint? I didn't until a few days ago!
Then it was just about two coats of paint and 20 minutes and I had a brand new piece of decor for the nursery!
Download this alphabet print for your own project here.
Never pass up a good deal on picture frames...anything can be done with a little paint and dry brush, or some spray paint and distress ink! Also, a great places for cheap frames are thrift stores...I don't think I've ever been to a thrift store without seeing a shelf full of different frames.
My husband left for a wedding in Memphis today, so after a late night of some seriously annoying heartburn, I slept in, and now am contemplating my day. Maybe I'll check out this enormously huge antique store in Elizabethton for a new bathroom mirror? 
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. cute idea! i love decorating with frames, and, you're right, thrift stores are the way to go! spray paint is almost as multi-use as duct tape. it's the jam. also, i just read your comment on yellow songbird, and i'm reading one thousand gifts too! it's so good. how does she write like poetry? i'm blown away. anyway, had to make that blog/book connection. your blog is cute! i like all of your DIY projects. :-)