DIY Faux Deer Head

After searching for quite some time looking for a project to create a faux deer head I finally came across this pattern and tutorial from Chronicle Books
Via Chronicle Books Blog
After printing off the templates and cutting them out, you will have 7 individual pieces, four pieces have to be taped together creating the antlers and the deer body.

I traced each pattern onto foam board and then used an exacto knife to cut out the pieces. This process was much lengthier than expected, and the edges of my pieces weren't as smooth-looking as in the Chronicle Books' picture, but I pressed on!

As I completed cutting out each piece I began putting them together to see how it all worked.

So neat! Here's the deer before giving him some color...

I first decided to cover him with fabric using adhesive spray. I used brown wrapping paper for the back piece which serves as a type of mount for the deer. I sprayed one side of the foam board piece with adhesive spray and then smoothed out the wrapping paper on top. Then I used my exacto knife again and cut the paper, using the foam board piece as a guide.

Cutting wrapping paper with a knife=super easy. Cutting fabric with a knife=pain in the booty. So, I gave up the fabric idea and since I didn't have the right color of paper on hand I leaned on my handy dandy spray paint in New Avocado and went to town!

To hang him up, I used an awl (I had no idea what this was, but after Google searching it, realized I actually had one in a random tool box) to make two holes in the top corners of the deer's body. You could use anything to make these holes...like a nail or a paper clip that's been straightened out. I did feel pretty cool using a tool I'd never heard of before though!
Then using some wire...

fashion a hook...nothing fancy needed, this deer head is pretty light!

I think he turned out pretty good! He'll stand out more against gray walls when I move him to his new home.

P.S. My doggies are making me really happy right now...

P.P.S. I was home when I originally wrote this post, but am now publishing from the beach in South Carolina....I miss my doggies.


  1. this is awesome! i'm loving your blog :) thanks for stopping by Yellow Songbird. LOVED hearing what the Lord is teaching you.

  2. Wonderful!!!
    it seems that it isn't so hard to make it :)
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your deer looks so beautiful!