DIY Milkglass

If you've got a little bit of extra time and paint on your hands and would like to change up some glass bottles or jars you have lying around then this is the perfect project...
I originally got this idea from beach house in the city. Hers turned out fabulous and inspired me to try it for myself.
Via beach house in the city
I started with a couple of plain glass bottles...here's a hint: search for unique glassware at thrift stores rather than antique stores to save some money. Antique stores have very unique (and old) medicine bottles, etc. but they can cost up to $5 or more each! I like to snag something for more around $.75 and thrift stores will rarely let you down if you're searching for glass (or picture frames).

I used a beige paint and a plain white acrylic paint for these bottles. Once I gather more glassware from thrift stores I plan on having a plethora of white and cream colored bottles.

First, add a little bit of water to your paint. I mixed the paint and water in a plastic cup until it reached the right consistency. You don't want the paint to end up too watered down or it will run.

Then you will pour your paint mixture into the bottle and swirl it around until it is entirely covered. You'll know if you've added too much water if the paint tends to run down the sides and pool in the bottom rather than clinging to the glass really well.

Before and After

Beach house in the city explains this important fact, so keep this in mind:
"because i use laytex paint, i can't fill these with water and put flowers in them. solution? next time you buy real flowers, collect the little stem water containers or purchase some from a florist. now you can enjoy your bottles with single blooms."

I plan on making a small shelf above our dining room doorway to place these lovelies on either side of our At Table sign.

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  1. i love this! i have seen this idea around and have some mason jars i was going to this with but haven't had time. but yours are so cute i'm gonna do mine soon!!