DIY Rope Shelves & Chalkboard Paint

I couldn't wait to complete this project as soon as I saw it! The tutorial is super easy to follow, material costs aren't too steep, and the shelves look amazing! 
There's no need for me to reiterate any of the how-tos for making these shelves, just check out this link if you're interested in making your own!
I got the husband's help again for this part...and can I just say, I love tools! There's seriously a tool for everything out there!

Once I gathered all the materials and had the lumber, dowel rods, and rope cut at the hardware store, I got my sweet husband to help me drill the holes.
You will use a 7/8 spade bit to drill each hole.

Then I was ready to paint!

Using a mini roller brush worked the best for painting the shelves.

Here I am feeding the rope through the shelves.

And a close up of the dowel rod pieces that hold the shelves in place...

All done! And hanging on a towel hook while I step back and admire!

Then I moved the shelf into the nursery onto the newly painted chalkboard wall!

It was my first time experiencing with chalkboard paint. I decided to paint a whole wall.

The paint goes on looking navy and eventually dries black (or whatever color you purchase).

And just two coats later and it's all done! After being stored in a crammed space for a week, the rope shelf could use some straightening out...

And this guy got placed in his new home above the nursery door!

We're getting closer to an entire nursery reveal! Hang tight, hopefully it won't be too much longer!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!


  1. It's looking soooo good! I love how easy the rope shelves are, definitely want to try that out in our bedroom. And the faux deer head looks awesome above Finn's door. Can't wait for the reveal :)

  2. This may be my favorite thing you've done, I love it. The nursery is looking amazing! I can't wait to see it!!

  3. I saw shelves similar to this in the Potery Barn kids. I bought my boards weeks ago and found the right hook for the wall this weekend at an antique store. I am so excitied to see how awesome your shelves look and cant wait to complete mine.


  4. Very very nice! I bought rope to make the rope shelves!
    Thanks for the idea!

  5. I love the shelves- I'm trying to get my husband to go cut some wood right now!!