Porch Sign from Pallet Wood

Our front porch has been looking pretty bland, and with yard work on hold due to lack of funds, hot weather, and really, more important things to do, the whole front of our house is now in desperate need of some help.
I really wanted something decorative to hang to the left of the front door, but didn't want to end up spending a whole lot for whatever it is I would find.
Then, I got an idea to make my own sign with the lyrics "Home is wherever I'm with you" from the song Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. You can listen to it here.
I thought I could put this whole thing together using some wood from a pallet Steven found for me...Gotta love free lumber scraps!!

He volunteered to cut the pieces I needed...thank goodness, because being 8 months pregnant, I don't have a lot of motivation to hold a heavy circular saw!

Once the pieces were cut it was time to paint them...

Then I sanded down the edges to add some distressing later on...

Then I got to designing the text on the Silhouette. I used the font Lullaby on dafont.com.

Here's the vinyl transfer process:
Clockwise from top left:
1. Vinyl is placed face down on sticky transfer paper.
2. Excess vinyl is peeled off of the transfer paper.
3. Transfer paper with remaining letters adhered is flipped over and centered on wood.
4. Transfer paper is removed, leaving vinyl letters behind.
(For a more in depth look at using vinyl with the Silhouette click here.)

Phew, I got the vinyl transferred to the wood with no problem and added distress ink to the edges.
For in depth information on using Distress Ink click here.

I then coated the sign with a clear coat of spray paint, which will hopefully keep everything together and safe while hanging outside.
Lastly, I stapled some sisal rope behind the sign pieces to hang it with. I like the added touch of tying two knots and fraying the ends of the rope, I think I was inspired by the rope shelves I recently made.

Success! The best part about this whole project is that it cost me nothing. I had everything on hand, yay! I can't wait to get this on the front porch! I need a masonry drill bit first...

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  1. I love your porch sign, and I love it even more knowing that it cost nothing! I have seen many ideas using pallets (we used some to build a compost bin) but I haven't seen the idea to use the slats in making a sign. But it makes so much sense!

  2. I love your porch sign.Can't wait to see a pictue of it on the front porch. I also use the wood from pallets to make signs.I agree with you free lumber scraps are the best!

  3. So cute! I just need some pallet wood. Grrr...!

  4. I absolutely love it! Where do ya'll find pallet wood from??

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  6. Lovely! So sweet! I love it.