Thrift Store Retro Chair meets Front Porch

Some time way back in December I picked up this chair in need of some major tlc. Then cold weather came and took away my motivation. 
Finally I got this guy out of the shed, dusted him off and went to work making him pretty again!
Here's the before & after:

Here's the progress after some power sanding....

Then I sprayed on a good coat of primer.

I used up some more of Valspar's New Avocado spray paint. I tend to rely too much on neutrals, so this was a big step for me! Normally, I probably would've gone with white, or something pretty plain, but now our front porch will have a pop of color! And my sign got hung already and I am loving it! Only downside...this song has gotten stuck in my head every time I see this sign. Woops.

There is still a ton of work to do to our porch. I'd love to get out there with a pressure washer and repaint the floor....someday! I've also got a new wreath in the works and we definitely could use some potted plants! Maybe I could even construct a small side table out of pallet wood? Hmmmmm...

 I'd love to incorporate something like this:
Via Under the Table and Dreaming

Any curb appeal/front porch ideas? Inspiration?
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  1. Love that chair makeover. It might not show how much work it is to really sand those old ones and get them ready to paint, but the makeover was worth it. Great color.

  2. I love the bright yellow!! Great job on refinishing,too.

    I must say I am jealous though. I have been looking here for months for chairs like that to refinish. Augh

    I really like the saying on your sign above the chair - too sweet!

  3. I love that Chair-- really, it makes your entry/porch area... and as for the hanging plant thing that would be so cute.
    Why not try bean cans spray painted in the colors of your choice. No cost, and probably already on hand!
    Oh, and I love that sign too- I saw it the other day, don't remember if I commented then or not, but I love that song as well!

    take care-

  4. How much paint did it take to cover the chair? I have a similar one in need of work!

  5. It took about a full can of spray paint and then maybe 1/3 of another can. I didn't spray the back of the chair at all, ssshhh no one will see it!

  6. Hi Allison! I found your blog via picket fence and I love it! Your chair looks awesome...I just purchased some of that very same avocado paint for a project of my own! Ha! :)

    I am having a link party over at my blog and would love for you to stop by and share for "social saturdays"

    Hope to see you there!

    *new follower*

  7. Love the color choice! I'm trying to branch out in my colors as well! It's hard, but totally worth it in the end. I love your ideas for your porch!
    Flowers are always a good and cheap way to add color and variety. Good luck!