Porch Update

My mom came in town from Texas last Wednesday night and stayed with me until Sunday and we stayed busy the whole time, except for some much needed vegging for a few of the nights she was here.
Mom was up for helping me plant a few things for the front porch, which I needed, because the heat was almost unbearable and it would've taken me much longer on my own. We got great deals on sweet potato vine and geraniums....we even managed to get a whole tray of begonias free!

Don't you love these colors together?

Evidence of the midsummer heat...

Here's mom separating sweet potato roots...

And of course, we need to remember that Finn was along for the mother-daughter weekend...

I love the dark color of the sweet potato plants! And the elephant ears are getting really tall. Now I just need a place for the begonias.

A few plants really make a difference! Let's just hope they survive!
I'm so thankful for my mawma and the weekend we got to share together, gathering things up in preparation...It's so good knowing I'll see her again whenever Finn decides to make his debut!


  1. your porch is beautiful!! i love flowers but i can never keep them alive :( i need to find some that are very hard to kill :)

  2. That's so cute! I wish we had more of a front porch to put plants and cute chairs on, lol. I love the sweet potato plants.