We Have Carpet!

Monday was a breakthrough! We had carpet installed in the master bedroom and nursery...which means that I can finally set up the crib and get everything in its place before Finn gets here!
I promise we're not hoarders! Everything had to be out of the two bedrooms and it all got barfed up into the rest of our house...

Master bedroom before:

Master bedroom after:

Nursery before:

Nursery after:

The wood floors might look nice in the pictures, but they got pretty scuffed up, plus, with a whole house full of wood floors it sure is nice to have two rooms with something different...no more wiping feet off before getting into bed! Yesss!!!!

The doggies love the new bedroom floor! I even caught Bear rolling around in there all by herself  and hunkering down behind the chair in the nursery :).

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  1. I love it! The floors look awesome with carpet. Base housing here has tile floors from the 80s and we need more rugs because it's horrible to walk on all day, so I totally understand why ya'll carpeted the master bedroom and nursery :)