Staying Busy while We Wait

There are just two more weeks until Finn's due date! Each day I'm trying to get more and more prepared while fighting back the most random fatigue. It's pretty surreal knowing that at just about any moment I could be on my way to the hospital!
I washed all the bottles we have....and second guessed whether I was doing it right the whole time!
Taking each piece out of the box and reading all the tiny directions and warnings almost got me overwhelmed, but I pulled through! I don't think I've washed a baby bottle in my life...possibly once or twice when I babysat in Jr. High, but either way this was worth documenting!
I also grabbed a few more plants to liven up the front porch...

Icicles (I love the color of this plant)

And Rosemary

I found a place for all the begonias that me and mom got for free...

Then I cut back all the unruly brush next to the porch...

Hung up a new wreath that I made with hot glue and split peas...
For a tutorial on this wreath click here.
And we're doing alright!


  1. Allison! the front porch looks GREAT!!! What a transformation! Cant wait to meet little Finn!
    Love yall! Amy