The Beast Lives On & Coffee

Oh how I've missed coffee! This afternoon has been so sweet. My great friend Kristin sat with me at the table and I drank coffee, Finn drank a bottle, Kristin drank water and painted. And, more importantly, we listened to this beautiful album and did a good amount of heart-refreshing talk.

Then I thought about the Beast...
I know we're all sick of hearing about the Beast. The Beast is the unruly bush that has overtaken nearly 1/3 of the front of our house. I have posted about the Beast on multiple occasions. At one point I thought it was defeated once and for all, but I was mistaken.
This is the Beast just a few days ago...Summer's heat aided it in accomplishing insane growth. 

Steven didn't even say a word after he got home from work the other day, he just changed out of shirt and tie and into his conquerer outfit, cranked up the trimmer and went to town.

Take that Beast! We're never too busy to tame an enemy as gruesome as this.

And just because I love my guys...

And as I've written this post I've gotta say, Finn has not made one peep since I put him down for his nap 20 minutes ago(I'm trying not to hold my breath)...YES!!! Gosh, I really sound like a mom now...Bring it on!

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