Talented Friends|Beautiful Gifts

I wanted to share these amazing gifts we received from great friends with you all...and while you're reading you should listen to this.

Peter created a leafless birch tree to bring to the hospital with us so each guest could add a thumb print leaf to the branches. I am so thrilled with how it turned out with the bright green leaves added. It looks like something straight out of a children's book. The type of children's book that adults enjoy just as much, if not more. Know what I mean?
We got this idea from our friends Chris and Christie's wedding...they did this instead of a guest book. Isn't it lovely?!

Then Kristin created a pair of paintings with verses from Psalm 127 across each.

These foxes are my favorite!

And here they are together, side by side. I love how the trees match Peter's birch!

These pictures really don't do this artwork justice. We have such amazingly talented friends and are so blessed that they wanted to create something for Finn!
All in favor of these two opening up Etsy shops?

And just for kicks...Finn is already practicing to be a superhero. Check out how he busts out of his swaddle flexing his muscles:

And there's a first for everything...
And Finn slept for nine hours straight last night. Can I get a heck yeah?! He gets 4 oz. of Dr. Pepper through a bottle nipple for that one! ...only kidding.


  1. I'm completely in favor of them opening Etsy shops! LOVE those, they're so talented. And I laughed when I read about Finn's first time for wearing pants :)

  2. How awesome. Very cool artwork and Finn wow, he's adorable!

  3. Seriously, Can I be the first to make an order!!! I would love both of those ASAP!! Or a diy on how to recreate if they don't plan on doing a shop. Thanks,