Fall Has Come!

With the temperature dropping drastically around Johnson City, I have definitely felt the arrival of the next wonderful season. Fall. 
Mulled wine. Apple Festivals. The smell of burning wood. Sweaters & scarves. Pumpkin bread. Candles that make your house smell like apples. Candy corn. Shorter days. Hocus Pocus (classic!).
And for some reason, this year, Fall is Ella Fitzgerald. I've been listening to her Best of the Song Books.
Watch her singing Misty 

I finally found something to put in these centerpieces, and they scream autumn!

These little buds are growing all over the city, like a weed. They're Goldenrod. I am pretty impressed with myself for guessing that that's what they were...then I googled it to be sure! They're beautiful.

And the start of fall is also so exciting because it's my Mom's Birthday! Finn gave a little shout out...Happy Birthday Mawma!

And nothing gets me more excited for the turning weather than being able to share it with a tiny little person, experiencing it all for the first time! I am loving this book and have read it to Finn a few times already...
It's about a bear who gets sad when the leaves keep falling off the trees. He tries to fix it and glue them back on, but eventually he scoops them all up and makes a bed with them in a cave where he sleeps all through the winter.

And my first craft project since becoming a momma...The start to my Halloween wreath! 

I plan on adding either some wordage that's Halloween related, or a few teensy pumpkins. 

Hopefully it'll get done before Halloween gets here, but then again, I am consumed with mommyhood. And I'm reading the Hunger Games series. Woops!


  1. LOVEEEE all of your posts! I think pumpkins on the wreath would be adorable, and I love the ribbon that you attached from the wreath holder (I think I need to try something like that on ours). The goldenrod is so pretty, I wish things grew here in the desert, but they don't :/ And Finn is so stinkin' cute. I love all of his little shout-outs, they're my favorite :)

  2. Very cute post!
    The goldenrod is beautiful and Finn is SOOO precious!