Farmer's Market Season

I am so thrilled....Saturday was my first trip to the Johnson City Farmer's Market this season. I love the summer. I am convinced that it has to be my favorite. I do get excited for the next upcoming season, and I mope and complain when each season seems to drag on and I simply can't wait for the next. But, nothing gives me such refreshing elation as the start of summer. I so look forward to bare-feet on pavement, especially at night when the sun is gone, but the cement asphalt is still warm. I love the fireflies, iced everything, sun-kissed cheeks, conversations at the pool, thunderstorms, sounds of a neighbor mowing their lawn in the distance, and the sense of adventure that the summer season brings.

I can't wait to go back to the market each week with Finn! It's walking distance from our front porch, but I'm already looking forward to the day when I have a bike with a basket and a seat for Finn to ride in...and it is the best to stand and listen to a group of old-timers play bluegrass for all the shoppers. Seriously, the best.

Saturday I purchased three herbs for the herb garden I hope to start soon. Spearmint, Sage, and German Winter Thyme.
It gives me such a sense of locality and warmth to stand and talk to a local herb grower about caring for my new plants...it's even better when friendly market-goers stop and pitch their tidbits of knowledge into the conversation "Well if ya can't grow mint ya can't grow nuthin. Them's is weeds in these parts, they'll a take over everthan'!" "If ya want some of those just come on over to my place and I'll give em to ya for free to take off my hands!" Love it.

I can't wait to go back and try the homemade Amish donuts that I keep hearing everyone talk about! 
Yep summer, it's official, you're my favorite. Now to go pin some herb garden inspiration...

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  1. For the record, those Amish donuts ARE.THE.BOMB!! Serious sugar rush and totally amazing. You'll love them! :-) Also, whoever told you that mint is like a week is 100% correct. I transplanted two kinds of mint to Mom and Dad's house when we moved out there when I was 12, and it took over everything! Dad has to clean out the various flower boxes every year because it has spread to all of them. :-) However, if you like mint or have a bare spot that you want to fill, it's awesome stuff. Have fun!