A Lesson on Being Old-Fashioned & a Painted Porch

Earlier this afternoon I decided to give Finn a bath on the front porch in a rubbermaid bin while Steven mowed the yard. I thought this sounded like a wonderful idea.
Then, as cars passed by, I began thinking how redneck it must look. I later convinced myself that it wasn't redneck, but rather the fact that I had my naked baby sudsing up in the front yard for the whole world to see was old-fashioned. I prefer old-fashioned.

Two weekends ago Steven painted our porch.
We still have work to do on the sides of the porch.

What do you think? Too blue? I've seriously been asking everyone.

Before: Our porch consisted of patchy black raised pieces that were left over from when astroturf used to cover the surface. Can you imagine this house with an astroturf porch?? There were also random sections of cement, gray, and white, which equals barf porch.

cement + gray + white + black + random tufts of green turf = barf porch.

So, really, I don't think there's any way it could look worse. Even if we had painted it fire engine red, at least it would all be one unified color.
I actually think that the sun over these few weeks has toned down the color's brightness and made it more subtle. Either that or I'm getting used to it. Plus, I think it looks better with dusty footprints scattering dirt all around, makes it look worn. In a good way. If worn can be good? I think so, yes. Just like being old-fashioned is the new redneck.

Soon, I can let my son do whatever he wants (well, almost) without clothes on, because we'll have a place to hang out in the backyard. So excited!

Oh, and my son already needs a second haircut. Bad. And we're going to a wedding tomorrow. I decided to write this off as old-fashioned as well...
Same for when he doesn't wear shoes...Or for when I find blades of grass still clenched in his hand right before bedtime.

Oh and I finished Stephanie Nielson's book Heaven is Here. If you're into touching stories told by strong, beautiful real-life women then you should pick this one up. Especially if you're a mother, want to be a mother, are freaked out that you're a mother, need encouragement to continue being a mother, etc etc etc. If you're stuck on the trivialities of life and could use a good shaking awake, Stephanie's story might do the trick.

Happy Graduation!!



  1. My theory on babies and shoes: church only.

    The porch: I like it!

    The little white wicker table: Can't wait to have chats over coffee while our boys play in the yard.

  2. I read your first little paragraph out loud to the hubs and we LAUGHED OUT LOUD. You crack me up. "I prefer old fashioned." Goodness, I miss you! And the porch looks lovely - I didn't even think blue when I saw it. I thought it looks like a really dark grey.