A Week on Mothering

Finn had the most fun at the wedding we went to yesterday. He was up until 9:30pm and I don't think I heard him fuss once. His parents on the other hand, needed attitude adjustments, and it's a good thing they got them, or else we might've missed out on these incredibly attractive photo booth family picture ops. We just couldn't seem to get the timing right. And for that, I love them.
If Steven were here he'd probably have advised me not to post these incredible pictures. Good thing it's just me and the doggies!

Well, Mother's Day is a week away and I've been contemplating a challenge for myself. This is the first Mother's Day I'll be celebrating as a momma who can actually see and hold and play with her son. Last year Finn was still baking. 

When I began this blog I labeled it, most accurately, a source of accountability to keep recreating. So, I'm beginning a project to share one thing I've learned as a mother for each day this week; 7 days, 7 lessons, ending on Mother's Day. And if I've started this challenge for myself by sharing my idea with you all, then I have to finish it! 
Yes, I did just take that picture so you could see my turquoise nails.
Posting pictures and how-tos of DIY projects and created things takes a small amount of vulnerability and courage, but writing about the recreated things in my heart and mind is stepping into a whole new pool of personal. I'm choosing to release fear of approval. This project I'm doing for my readers, and my mom, and son (one day), but in actuality, I'm doing this project for me.  

With that in mind, I'll be writing from an exclusively personal perspective, using lots of "me's" and "I's" so as not to offend any readers. I think it's incredibly easy to generalize, but I'll try real hard not to, especially with something as sensitive as being a momma. These are my own personal lessons, it's up to you whether they apply to your own hearts.

So, I'll be seeing you tomorrow, and the next, with something new about mothering. Begin accountability right....now!
...and veteran moms, I warn you, I might look back on these early mothering days and laugh at what I thought I was learning, who knows.

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