Recreated Crate

I've been stealing from my son's nursery(can I even call it that anymore? He's getting so big!) a lot lately...first the curtains and now his wooden crate.
I found a pair of these old crates while antiquing with my mom just a few short months before Finn was born. I brought them home and decided to put casters(fancy word for wheels) on one of them.
Then I put it in Finn's room to hold toys and books.
But, after seeing an idea on Pinterest, I wanted the crate for my rosemary! So I took it and lined it with some thin fabric to keep the soil inside. I guess you could use black plastic as well and it would blend in better with the soil.
I used a staple gun to fasten the five pieces of fabric.
I put some gravel pieces on the bottom after cutting a few slits into the fabric so that water can drain easily.
Then I transplanted the rosemary...I'm hoping it'll get even bigger, like shrub size!
I plan on doing the same to the crate's match and using these for little herb gardens to wheel around the back patio before I get comfortable enough planting into the ground...I have anxieties about plants dying once they're in the ground.

Oh, and we started landscaping the front yard-so excited about how "grown up" the front of our house is looking!


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  1. oooh! this looks absolutely amazing. it's not stealing...it's borrowing? :-)