Outdoor Seating on the Cheap

Yesterday while I was dropping off donations at the Goodwill, I picked up a light blue wooden chair for $5.97! Which got me thinking.
Since I was already on the "stealing from my son's room" kick, I decided to pair the new Goodwill chair with the wooden chair I painted and covered for his room a while ago. I thought they would look nice together outside on the back patio in some little nook.
All I needed to do was to re-cover the chair pad with fabric that would endure outdoor weather.
I already had some special plasticy fabric on hand, so 22 staples from the staple-gun later and I was ready to move this chair outdoors! 

Always interrupting my photo shoots...
I've been eyeing this tray table (in the dusty blue) from Bed, Bath & Beyond...

which I'd like to add to the nook where these two chairs will be, then a few potted plants, and maybe a new coat of paint(possibly Love Bird by Martha Stewart) to the little blue chair, yes! Oh, maybe I'll even try stenciling on the new chair, that'd be fun!



  1. i love these!! i think its so cute to have all different styled and colored chairs. so cute cant wait to see your porch all set up!

  2. I really like your Goodwill find! Do you have to use a special paint to have these hold up outdoors?