Thrifting & Style Changes

Today in Elizabethton, Jamie and I definitely got lucky with our purchases, especially when we found items that had no price-tag and a friendly old man in gingham gave us his best deals...which really were perfect steals. 

I got a Fire-king teacup and saucer for $6.00 and I'm waiting on four more from etsy to show up on my front porch...I can't wait to start my teacup collection!

I found this sweet tea kettle for $10.00

The orange and white striped apron was $3.99 and after Jamie mentioned that it would look good in my home I couldn't pass it up. I screwed two decorative hooks from Hobby Lobby on the wall next to the dining room hutch and now my aprons are on display.
The orange & white was purchased today. The apron next to it was a Birthday gift from my friend Kristin, made with the fabrics I used in our wedding. The brown gingham apron was Steven's grandmother's and she gave it to me for a wedding gift, she even tucked a hanky into the pocket and said that was what her mother used to do. The apron on the far right is from Anthropologie, a gift my brother picked out for me(way to go big bro!)

I found this old charm upstairs today during our trip, I immediately fell in love with the color, so if I ever do a new paint job, I hope to find something similar! 

These embroidered napkins were handmade by Amish women who used old bedsheets for fabric. Aren't they gorgeous? Found those on etsy! My plan is to start gathering a hodge-podge of mismatching cloth napkins. It's been a lot of fun so far!

I've also found two yellow linen napkins and I've decided to keep them stored in this milk glass piece that was Steven's grandmother's as well.

I've already mentioned that I'm becoming an old woman with my new love for embroidery, lots of colors, and all things cottage and farmhouse...it's definitely true, I can't get enough! Anything that reminds me of a quilt has become my new favorite. 

I've also become incredibly excited about fabric patterns and using them in new ways....also an inspiration from quilts. And for the first time, in a very real way, I'm thinking about making products to sell.......!



  1. I love the teacup! I collect teacups and put them in our kitchen. Right now, I only have a few out but my dad is going to make me a shelf to put my teacups and their saucers (if they have one) on so I can have ALL of them out again! They're so dainty and unique, I love their colors and styles. Yours you found at the thrift store is absolutely precious. What etsy sites did your order your other 4 from??

  2. I love all your finds! especially the rocking chair. i have been looking for two (preferably different styles) for our front porch! and i LOVE anything embroidered too. Also i have been buying up vintage sheets whenever i can they are so pretty and soft and great to use to aprons or anything for scrap fabric!