Planting Flowers & Doily Bowls

There are a lot of things I have never done before. Planting seeds that will grow into flowers is one of those many things. There's a slight chance that I did something like that in my childhood that I can't remember, but thinking back, the only flower-planting I can remember included putting an already bloomed something into the ground.
Today, on our morning walk, Finn and I went to Mize's Farm & Garden, which is about three blocks away. While I perused the seed packet aisle, I had an old man go on and on about his sons who were 6'5 and 300 something lbs. Arms that are "this big around" while placing his hands in a circular fashion....Finn and I loved it!
We picked up three seed packets since $7.00 was all I brought and I didn't want to go overboard and then be embarrassed when we had to put one back because we didn't have enough money....
The winners were...Zinnia, Purple Coneflower(Echinacea), and Poppy(Oriental Orange Scarlet).

I plan on planting the seeds in this bed behind the house...I only hope it gets enough sun!

Then I would love to make a little fence like the one below that I saw in June's issue of Parenting magazine...

I also wanted to share a quick project I tried out from Pinterest. Just a doily, a bowl, fabric stiffener, and rubber bands...and you've got a doily bowl!

Mine was a little lop-sided and I'm still not sure why the fabric stiffener made weird thin coats over the doily holes, but all in all I was impressed with how easy this project was and thought that it'd be a really cheap and easy way to make lots of bowls for a themed party or wedding.

Happy start to summer everyone! I hope you get lots of chances to sit in the sunshine this week!

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