Landscaping, Finally!

Thursday after Steven got home I snapped some pictures from the curb of my guys rocking in the new(old) rocker and realized that I haven't shared any landscaping pictures yet!

Below is a picture of the yard in early autumn, when that shrub(formally known as the Beast) had to be hacked down again for the second time. Our yard has looked like this ever since we've lived in our house....so it really wasn't too surprising when we had multiple neighbors introduce themselves to us while we were working and treat us like we'd just moved in. Woopsies! 
"Welcome to the neighborhood!"
"Oh thanks! But actually we've been here almost three years..."

The Beast got all prettied up and we're letting him stay. We added Silver Dragon Liriope around the base and planted two shade-loving Box Honeysuckles called Lonicera Edmee Gold in the Beast's shadow.

Here's a picture from the day we cut the beds out in March...lots of hard work all in one day! Perfect unseasonably warm winter weather to start working outdoors.

I think it's important to note that Steven is wearing the exact same shirt in these pictures doing yard work as the one months ago slicing at The Beast.....I suppose I should mention that as I type this in the sun on our front porch, Steven is wearing the same shirt again..."It's my favorite shirt!" he says.
Here's one of my favorite pictures from that day:

So here we did an assortment of Mediterranean White Heather which blooms in winter and Azaleas called The Robe that have beautiful variegated(thanks for that new word Mom!)leaves.

In the corner we planted a Phantom Hydrangea that will bloom around mid-June and I've heard that the blooms can last almost until September!

I am so happy with our front yard and it was so worth it to get over my fear of putting plants in the ground and them dying on me! So far they're doing great!

We still have some work to do on the right side of the house. Three Holly bushes wait patiently to be planted in the ground! 
Now we're off to the Blue Plum Festival once Finner wakes up! Oh, and remember how I'm a sucker for big stories with impossible feats and when good fights to overcome evil? Snow White and The Huntsman is a great example of my favorite kind of story...if you're anything like me, go see it!



  1. The yard is looking great! I would love to see pictures of the hydrangea when it blooms.

  2. Love your blog - your home is adorable!

  3. Wow, you did such a great job! I would be pretty intimidated too to take on a large landscaping project. We have that same crazy schrub in our yard (i think its some version of a crepe myrtle), only ours in conveniently next to the sidewalk. So we have to cut it back all the time, and it just looks sad and ridiculous at this point.

  4. I am lusting over your yard! You're a landscaping machine.

  5. Allison, what an awesome blog! Thanks for sharing pictures of your cool new kitchen curtains and beautiful landscape! Of course, the pictures of Finn are adorable! Blessings sweet lady!

  6. The Beast had a great trim! From what I saw from the pictures, you all did a great job at touching up your yard. Just remember that plants are often the heart of your yard, and each plant needs a different kind of care. A flowering plant usually needs pruning in the early spring.

    Cecilia Green

  7. That green shirt must've been Steven's favorite, or maybe green shirt means gardening day for him. :D Anyway, your baby looks cute wearing that clean white shirt. I was just distracted with Steven's dirty hands. Haha! It seems that he enjoys gardening, huh? Well, your front yard looks fantastic. It does prove that Steven is a pro in this field. :)