A Homemade House

After selling our television over the summer I finally had a fireplace mantle free to decorate. Mantelpieces are probably my most favorite focal point of a home, and I almost immediately search for the fireplace in anybody's house...even the houses that I walk by in the neighborhood (can you say creeper? Whoops.) 
I'm pretty happy with our mantle as it sits right now and can't wait to have something to change over the seasons and holidays.

From left to right:
-Reader's Digest Best Loved Books collection- $6.00 for 12 books (the missing book is stashed on top of Steven's nightstand). I'd love to find the rest of the books so we have a complete set.
-Pair of framed vintage cross-stitch victorian silhouettes-a gift from my Aunt Pam who inherited them from my Grandmother and Grandaddy. We'd like to hope that they were made in the family, but no one knows for certain.
-Chalkboard- created at home from lumber pieces and paint.
-Persimmon canisters-IKEA! For about $12.00 (I think) and full of sticks from the backyard.
-Robin's egg bunny- free from a friend trying to get rid of some things. I gave him a new coat of spray paint.

My new style tastes have taken over our whole house. I think it began in the kitchen and just sort of spilled over. I'm putting color wherever I can, dreaming about the perfect afghan granny square blanket, wishing I could cross-stitch, and becoming more and more "granny-chic".



  1. I love the reds and teals! I'm on a teal kick right now, and all I'm allowed to do with it is buy the dogs collars that are teal :/ I love all of your touches of color!

  2. Hey, if you want to learn to crosstitch, say the word. I have tons of projects Kate and I have started and never finished!!