Using Words on Walls

A while back, I created a print with the verse "Eat, friends, drink, and be drunk with love" from Song of Solomon 5:1. Click here if you're interested in using this print in your home (just be forewarned that there is a slight grammatical error, and someone just might convict you of promoting cannibalism).
I decided to give those words new life by changing up the way I displayed them in our dining room and here's the end result!
Originally I had this print displayed with its earth tones before the color invasion happened.
I suppose I left out a very important comma because that font style didn't have one available, whoops! It's great when it takes something like Pinterest publicity to realize the mistake you made...
Onto the project!
First, I inserted scrapbook paper into each frame that I'd picked from my random stash and laid them on the floor in the design I had pictured for the wall.

Then I took the frames out back and spray painted each of them white.

Next, I hung them up, trying to keep the design intact without using any guidelines.
After I got them hung up, they stayed wordless for a few months until I had a chance to get the Silhouette SD out. I used the font hoedown found on dafont.com (my favorite!).

Here's a look at what used to take up that little bit of wall space:
I love this idea! Breaking up a short quote or verse onto different objects for display is a cheap and easy way to decorate a wall of any size. Take advantage of the free print I mentioned earlier, or start your own project using this same verse, perfect for a dining room! Just remember, don't eat your friends.

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