Introducing Garland & Pendant

I've made the dive into the small business world and am in the works of opening an Etsy shop....Garland & Pendant will have its first ever item listings up and running on Monday, October 29th! Be sure to check out Garland & Pendant's about page and keep your eye out for item updates and listings! 

I am so excited to begin this venture! In the words of Mary Katherine Gallagher:
"There are two different ways of getting into a swimming pool. The first way, you take your toe and carefully test the water's temperature, and if that feels okay, slowly get into the water, letting your body adjust to the cold. Then, there's the second way of getting into a pool....YOU JUMP!"
Here's to all those that are currently taking the plunge....


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  1. I am SO excited for you, for this! I know how much you've been wanting to do an etsy page and can't wait to buy your adorable products, and share them with friends :)