Antique Printer's Box

For Christmas my older brother Greg gave me this really neat antique printer's box! 
I added the doily & then realized I didn't get a true "before" picture!

I researched a little on using old printer's boxes for house decor, but didn't find too much...these two were my favorites. I likes how they both held a certain theme and I thought it'd be nice to do that with mine.
And here's what I've come up with so far! I decided to fill it up with objects in all shades of white, ivory, cream, etc. Most items are nature themed, but I'll just be keeping my eye out for whatever fits in those tiny compartments! I also hot glued a white drawer knob to the top! What's great about decorating with printer's boxes is that you can change them out as often as your tastes and interests change!
Any ideas? Thanks for an awesome Christmas present Greg!!!


  1. I spy a polaroid taken by yours truly!

  2. Al, I think I spy something similar on the top left but can't tell. What if you got some pine cones and spray painted them with your different shades and kind of tie in with your leaf and feather outdoors feel. Could turn out weird or really really great!

    OR, you could get a bird's nest and maybe some ceramic birdies.

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